The Ez-Puller came about because of the frustration and time wasted setting up and fine tuning traditional bar pullers that were available to me a few years ago.

We are a job-shop machine shop and our lathe work is often short run 5-10-50 or 100 pieces. In most cases, the short run nature of the job does not warrant setting up one of these traditional bar pullers – it takes too much time. However, doing things this way meant we had to put an operator in front of the machine to manually pull the bar after each part was completed. To me this was lost production, I needed a bar puller that could be set up for any bar diameter – within the range of the tool – in seconds. The tool needed to be reliable, repeatable and rugged enough to stand up to the probability 100’s of thousands if not millions of pulls.

A few prototypes and a few modifications later, I had this neat little tool that does exactly what I wanted it to and even more. The Ez-Puller can pull not only round but octagon, hex and square stock – without spindle orientation (M19). We have also found that when we install a softer spring (60A or 80A durometer) we can pull PTFE and other delicate materials without damaging the stock.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video. Then take a moment to read our warranty. We stand behind what We build.

Thank you, Dan Kenner


Accudyne Corporation is committed to increasing accuracy, productivity and profits on the shop floor by introducing unique tools and ideas that will benefit the machinists who choose to use them

I started using Ez-Pullers over a year ago and now have them on 9 of my CNC lathes. We have been running these tools 12 to 18 hours a day with zero reliability issues.But the best part is no more adjusting of the gripping arms, we just change a few numbers in the program to accommodate the new bar size and we are set.
Thanks Accudyne

Rich D.
Radtech LLC.
Centennial, Co.

Received bar puller last week and put into service right away. We have ran a couple jobs with it so far. We went from ¾” round on first job to 1-5/8” on the second job with no adjustment. We are very pleased with it; performance and ease of set up are excellent.

Steven P.
Machine Shop Mgr. / The Aermotor Co.
San Angelo, TX

As the owner of a small shop, I am always interested in tooling that can save me time which translates to money. I recently received a large order for a job that was machined out of 1 3/8 hex 12L14. Our lathe did not have the “spindle orientation” option and I was about to purchase when I came across an ad for the Ez-puller. I watched the video on their web site and immediately called and ordered one. The “spindle orientation” option actually costs more than the Ez-puller.

We were using a competitors brand of puller. We had to adjust for size variations and could not run hex. With the Ez-puller, our set-up is minimal… no mechanical adjustments. We ran over 5000 pieces of hex with perfect pulls every time. Before I had a machinist repositioning a part every 2 minutes. Now he just loads a 4 foot bar every 45 minutes. Then checks a part, deburrs’ and runs another machine until another bar is needed.

I paid my first Ez-puller r off in 3 weeks. I’m getting at least 50% more productivity (more if you figure my machine now runs through lunch and breaks). My savings were so good, I bought a second Ez-puller about a month later.

When you call in, you are not talking to a salesman… If you have a question, you are talking to the inventor and he understands machining.

If anybody wants a competitors puller, let me know. I have two of them for sale cheap.

Paul S.
Space Tech Inc. and Laser Mfg.
Tulsa, Ok.

As a Manufacturing Engineer I have used various styles of bar pullers over the years. To date the EZ puller from Accudyne is the best solution that I have found. With the EZ puller there are no adjustments that need to be made, or pieces that need to be swapped out when going from one diameter or shape of material to the next. The puller has demonstrated the ability to accurately pull the rod stock to a specific length. I have had issues with other bar pullers where the puller either did not have sufficient grip force to pull the rod stock out or it pushed the rod stock into the chuck before it was engaged onto the material. The EZ bar puller’s method of engagement has eliminated these issues for me. Due to its design it is able to cover a large range of diameters, which also makes it more repeatable when feeding rod stock where the diameter varies. When combined with the use of a part catcher I have been able to achieve a level of consistent automation that has very significantly increased production of the machines that I have implemented the EZ puller on. As an added bonus the operators no longer have to open and close the door to the machine hundreds of times per shift. I’m sure they appreciate as much as I do the reduced wear and tear on their shoulders. Thanks Accudyne for providing a product that does what you say it will do and for providing excellent service and support!!!! Much appreciated.

Gregg P.
Manufacturing Engineer III
Poly SBU
Biomet Manufacturing LLC
Warsaw, Indiana

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